When you do not know where to start with Salesforce, start with Quantum Lead

We are the Salesforce Consultants with backgrounds in Revenue, Engineering, and Data

We focus on assisting your company in:

  • Developing your vision for utilizing Salesforce and its connected apps

  • Building your organization's Salesforce IQ

  • Choosing between the various Standard and Custom Options

  • Simplifying the set up and data importation steps

  • Everything from First Step to First User.

Headquartered in NYC

We are always happy to drop by and meet you in person. We believe in the possibly out dated tradition of face-to-face meetings. We have offices in New York, Montréal, and Toronto but are always happy to travel to you! How much easier would solving your Salesforce issues be if you could speak in person about them?


Transition Guarantee

CPQ Quote Experts, APEX Code Developers, Data Integration Specialists. These are a few of the myriad different types of Salesforce Consultants and Developers. It's often hard to get the perfect fit at first. If we are not the most suitable consultants for your job, we guarantee to make the transition to the next consultant easy. We'll even assist you in the search for a new consultant.

Engineers by Training

On top of being Certified in Salesforce, many of our consultants hold Engineering Degrees and we have assisted many manufacturing firms in perfecting their CRM Systems. If you are a manufacturer of technical products, you can benefit from the expertise of an experienced Salesforce Consultant and Engineer. Who else would understand your unique needs better?


We Support the Community

Salesforce is a powerful software that powers many Fortune 500 Companies. It's also a software used by a surprisingly large number of charities and educational Institutions. These organizations need consulting as much as large companies so we offer 50% off for all Non-Profits, Charities, and Schools to do our part to give back. Don't you want your schools running the best tech too? 

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